Retail Concept + Visual Merchandising

Couple's Journey

The ‘Couple’s Journey’ is designed to tell the story of tailor-made rings for the wedding band specialist ‘Forever Couple’. Inspired by the timeless and romantic setting of a railway station, all retail touch points including the ring stand, ring display case and furniture is designed with elements of train carriages and the station to showcase the process, materials and journey behind the creation of each and every pair of the unique wedding rings.


Romantic everyday stories of how soon-to be married couples met each other is expressed within the design of the rings as well as the displays, to emphasis the unique value of the tailor-made rings.

Client / 

Forever Couple Limited (Hong Kong)

Role / 

Product Design

Concept Design

Visual Merchandising Design

Country / 

Hong Kong, PRC

Year / 


Manufacturer / 

Guangzhou​ Pinzhi Display Company

Collaborators / 

Apple Lau, Kayla Cheung, Nelson Chin

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