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Mantle - Ring Stand

Inspired by the materials used to make wedding bands and their terrestrial origins, the ‘Mantle’ is a testament of how far mankind has come to refining earth’s most precious materials through craftsmanship and technology to create symbolic expressions of love using Earth’s most precious and rare materials. 

Travertine stone with all its unique pits and irregularities was chosen for its unique characteristic to contrast the smooth and polished surfaces of the finished rings. Pieces were hand-picked for their characteristics and then chiseled before being casted with resin with crystalline-like faceted surfaces designed especially to hold a pair of rings. The rings are displayed to form the pair of ring which is arranged to appear to be connected in the shape of ‘infinity’ as they float in mid-air standing for eternal love.


The stone is finished with two strips of metal in the middle resembling molten gold rising from the core of the earth, they are joined as one as it emerges from the stone, a metaphor for two single individuals becoming one family after marriage.

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Forever Couple Limited (Hong Kong)

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Product Design

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Hong Kong, PRC

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